Durston House is a leading London preparatory school, with a long history and a fine record of preparing boys for Senior School and future success. The school began life in 1886 and has, from its earliest years, enjoyed a strong academic reputation and encouraged keen sporting and lively cultural interests.

Here at Durston House, we take pride in the true and visible diversity of our community, in which mutual respect and understanding, fairness and opportunities for all are promoted within the framework of our broadly Christian foundation. We embrace pupils and staff from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.

We are very proud of the boys at Durston House. We are very proud of their success as people. The development of fine young men, who achieve great things, is the aim and reward for any boys’ school. That such achievement is made, in a spirit of humility and quiet determination, is testimony to the values of the whole Durston House community.

The educational experience at Durston House is one that countless parents seek for their sons. It is well rounded and thorough, holistic and specific. It speaks to the very core of who we are as people: to be human is to grow. At Durston House, the manner in which this growth is guided is one of relaxed, quiet integrity of purpose, allowing boys the freedom to develop themselves. This is the essence of our ongoing success as a school.

A boy’s education here is shaped by the development of his character, his curiosity to learn and discover more, and his expanding capability. These three concepts, Character, Curiosity and Capability are the cornerstones of his success at Durston House and his success in life.

I am very proud of this school. I am determined that it will continue to succeed. Explore further, by clicking on the tabs above. I think you will begin to see what I mean.

Ian Kendrick