Doors Open

The front door opens for Early Birds from 8.00 a.m. until 8.15 a.m. At 8.20 a.m. the Head of Pre-Prep opens the door and greets the boys. The boys proceed quietly to their classrooms.  The door closes at 8.30 a.m.

Form Time/Registration

Form Time takes place between 8.20-8.45 a.m. The Form Teacher registers the Form, briefs the pupils with any relevant information, checks message books, monitors plus points and distinctions, checks standard of dress and collects any correspondence for the attention of the school office. Registration is taken at 8.40 a.m. A boy not registered by 8.45 a.m. is to be noted as absent.

Lessons Schedules

Please see the schedule tables at the bottom of this page.


Assembly occurs at 8.50 a.m. every Monday. The Assemblies schedule is found in each staffroom. All pupils and staff attend. Classes are escorted to the Hall or to the Macbeath Room at Haven Green Baptist Church, by the Form teacher, where they sit in their Forms, supervised by him/her. Assembly finishes at 9.20 a.m.

Break Time (Castlebar Field)

Pre-Prep school boys line up in pairs in the car park, ready to be escorted to the field. At the end of the playtime a whistle will be blown and the boys will walk in pairs back to school. Wet Break will be decided by the Lead Teacher for that day, 5-10 minutes before break is due to start. Duty teachers patrol all form rooms concerned, dividing the areas among them.


Games lessons take place on Thursday for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. The boys come to school dressed in their PE/Games kit.

House Meetings and Utility Sessions

On Thursday mornings at 8.50 a.m., the school operates a bi-weekly system of either a House Assembly (whole House or Vertical Group Meetings) or a Utility Session. The Utility Session allows time for the Music Department to rehearse Choirs and other musical groups. Other boys remain in the Form Room at this time.


All pupils eat lunch in the Form Rooms. Boys are supervised by the Lunchtime Supervisors and/or duty staff members for that day. Boys do not leave the rooms without permission from the Lunchtime Supervisor. Boys behave appropriately (ref. Lunchtime Guidelines).

Staff eat lunch in the staffroom. Staff who wish to leave the building sign out, and back in, in the Pre-Prep Office.

Off Games

Pupils who are unable to participate in Games because of injury or an external appointment, are classified as Off Games. They are only excused from Games if a letter of request has been received by the Head of Pre-Prep (notes to Form Teachers are not sufficient). Off Games boys are supervised by a member of staff at the playing field or in the hall where they watch the lesson.

The End of the Day

At the end of the day boys in Pre-Prep collect their belongings from their Form Rooms. Once suitably dressed, boys leave school through the car park at the back of Middleton’s, unless they are due to attend After School Care.

Lessons Schedule - Reception

LessonTimeNon-Lesson EventsNotes
Lesson 18.45AssemblyMon
--House Mtgs/Vertical Group Mtgs/Utility SessionThurs
Lesson 29.20--
Lesson 39.50Snack then Field at 10.15 Mon/Wed/Fri
--Harvington Playground then snack at 10.15Tues/Thurs
Lesson 411.00Lesson begins at 10.45 on Tues/Thurs Tues/Thurs
Lesson 511.30--
Lesson 612.55--
Lesson 713.30--
Lesson 814.00--
Lesson 914.30--
-15.15End of day-

Lessons Schedule - Year 1 and 2

LessonTimeNon-Lesson EventsNotes
Lesson 18.45AssemblyMon
--House Mtgs/Vertical Group Mtgs/Utility SessionThurs
Lesson 29.20--
Break10.15Field break-
Lesson 311.00--
Lesson 411.30--
Lesson 513.00--
Lesson 613.30--
Lesson 714.00--
Lesson 814.30--
Lesson 915.00--
-15.30End of day for Year 1 -
-15.45End of day for Year 2-