Middle and Upper Schools

Doors Open

Gates open at 8.00 a.m. From that time, any boys arriving are supervised. The duty member of staff will let the boys into the school buildings at the appropriate time.

Form Time/Registration

Form Time occurs from 8.25-8.45 a.m. The Form Teacher registers the Form and disseminates information to the pupils, checks organisation, checks Prep Diaries, monitors Plus Points, the pupils’ standard of dress, and collects in any correspondence for the School Office. Registration is taken at 8.40 a.m. A boy not registered by the end of Form Time/Registration at 8.40 a.m. is noted as absent.

Lessons Schedule (Middle/Upper Schools)

Please see the schedule tables at the bottom of this page.


Activities occur after school from 3.45-4.30 p.m., Tuesday to Friday. Staff keep a register of the pupils attending. Once the Activity Programme begins, all pupils registered attend; any changes to the register are only made with the consent of the Head of Co-Curriculum, who oversees the arrangements of the Activities schedule. Staff taking an Activity are responsible for making sure each pupil has left school safely. Any pupil not collected is taken to After-School Care.


Assembly occurs at 8.50 a.m. (Lesson 1) every Monday. All pupils and staff attend. Form Classes are escorted to Haven Green Baptist Church Hall by the Form teacher, where they sit in their Forms, supervised by him/her. Assembly finishes at 9.20 a.m.

Break Time

Middle/Upper School boys line up in pairs at the front of school, ready to be escorted to Castlebar Field. The Lead Teacher is at the gate no later than 10.00 a.m. or 11.10 a.m. to supervise lining up. Other duty teachers are punctual so that break can get under way on time. The School Assistant moves boys out of the Cloakroom or West Corridor as quickly as possible for the start of break.

At Castlebar Field snack is consumed only on the paved area around the pavilion. Staff members spread themselves around all areas of the playing fields, making sure that all pupils are in sight.

Pupils are lined up ready to leave for the return to school no later than 10.25 a.m. or 11.35 a.m. The Lead Teacher signals line up with a blow of the whistle. Staff make sure that litter has been binned, equipment has been put away and any clothing has been picked up.

Staff members on Middle and Upper School break duty supervise pupils in the Cloakroom and West Corridor on the return from break, making sure they get to the next lesson promptly.

If the weather is inclement, Wet Break is decided by the Lead Teacher 5 minutes before break is due to start. If Wet Break occurs, pupils go to their Form Rooms, where possible. Duty teachers supervise all form rooms concerned, as directed by the Lead Teacher.


Sometimes pupils play fixtures against other schools and may arrive back to school at later times. These different times are given to the pupils concerned and parents are informed. On return, those having participated in the fixture are then supervised by a member of staff accompanying them.


Games are held at the following times:

Year 5 Tuesday 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Thursday 2.35pm – 4.30pm
Year 6 Tuesday 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Friday 2.35pm – 4.30pm
Year 7 Monday 3.10pm – 4.30pm
Wednesday 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Year 8 Wednesday 2.00pm – 4.30pm
Friday 3.10pm – 4.30pm

Pupils return from Games in time to leave school at 4.30 p.m. Some are collected at Swyncombe or make their own way home from there, but only those whose parents have officially informed the school.

House Meetings and Utility Sessions

On Thursday mornings at 8.45 a.m. (Lesson 1), the school operates a bi-weekly system of either a House Meeting (Whole House Assemblies or House Vertical Group Meetings) or a Utility Session. The Utility Session allows time for the Music Department to rehearse Choirs and other musical groups, with pupils being removed from their Form Classes. Pupils not involved in any musical group remain with their Form Teachers for a period of sustained silent reading.


All pupils eat lunch in the Form Rooms. Years 5-8 are supervised by the Lunchtime Supervisors and/or duty staff members for that day. Pupils do not leave the rooms without permission from the Duty Teacher or the Lunchtime Supervisor.

Staff eat lunch in the staffroom.

Off Games

Pupils who are unable to go to Games because of injury, recuperation from illness or an external appointment are classified as Off Games. They are only excused Games if a letter of request has been received by the Deputy Head. Off Games pupils are supervised by the School Assistant. He/she registers the pupils in the Library, according to the Off Games list prepared by the School Office. The register is held in the office. Pupils read, catch up on work or are given an educational activity to work on, but no prep is done at this time.

The End of the Day

At the end of the day, whether a Games day or not, boys in Middle School collect their things from their Form Room and the Cloakroom. Boys in Upper School tidy lockers and collect things from West Corridor.

Once suitably dressed, boys leave school through the front gates of No. 12, unless they are due to attend After-School Care or an Activity.

Boys who are due to go to After-School Care or to an Activity must go there directly from Form Rooms or West Corridor at the end of the day.

Lessons Schedule (Middle/Upper Schools)

LessonTimeNon-Lesson EventsNotes
Lesson 18.45AssemblyMon
--House Assemblies/Vertical Group Meetings/Utility SessionThurs
Lesson 29.20--
Lesson 310.00MSc Break-
Lesson 410.35--
Lesson 511.10USc Break-
Lesson 611.45--
Lesson 7a12.20--
Lunch12.55-1.55MSc/USc Lunch and/or MSc/USc Break-
Lesson 7b12.55USc LessonWed
Lesson 7c1.30MSc/USc Form TimeFri
Lesson 82.00--
Lesson 92.35--
Lesson 103.10--
-3.45Lessons end-
-4.30Games Activities end-