Activities and Enrichment

Whether it be playing chess, cooking, debating or building a marshmallow tower, Activities and Enrichment here at Durston House aim to inspire, enthuse and develop curiosity in boys. Who would not want to see whether any materials wrapped around an egg can stop it from breaking, if dropped from the first floor to the playground? Curiosity, indeed, alive in the Design and Technology Activity.

Boys of a Prep-School age have enquiring minds and our varied Enrichment and After-School Activity programme aims to tap into this by offering new and exciting opportunities for boys in Year 1 and above. By providing a time to do something a little bit different, to socialise with friends and to develop new hobbies, a young mind can grow and a life of discovery can begin. Exploration of new ideas and pastimes are crucial in the development of a well-rounded boy, suitably prepared for senior school.

In a world where more and more time is spent in a sedentary state, often with a screen as entertainment, the activities we offer focus on more active pursuits that engage people in the arts, develop their mind or body, or offer the chance to perform. Recent popular activities have included Photography, Lego Construction, Crazy Golf and Ultimate Frisbee. Boys in the lower years, Years 1 – 4, participate in Enrichment sessions four times a week, as part of their daily timetable, whereas boys in Year 5 and above sign up for one or two After-School Activities of their choice, per term, and with this part of the Complementary Curriculum being greatly popular, places are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.