The Complementary Curriculum

The aim of the Complementary Curriculum is simple: to support and enhance the Academic Curriculum and to develop activities and events that realise a young man’s true, holistic education. Durston offers all boys the chance to experience a joined-up education, where the work of the classroom is complemented by the work of all that is ‘hands-on’.

In many schools, the development of SMSC values (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) can be hit and miss, with much important work left to fall between the cracks, because it does not come within a particular teacher’s, or a particular subject’s remit. The values the government asks to be instilled in pupils are vital to the full, rounded education of any young man or woman. Very often, the complementary curriculum is merely extra-curriculum, where one staff member’s enthusiasm enables an activity or event to occur, with little coordination achieved and a chequered connection to the aims and objectives of the curriculum or the school. Complacency and inertia occur when staff are unsure who is to oversee any initiative, and cannot see how it might fit into the comprehensive education that is every child’s right.

At Durston House, determined ‘to join up the dots’, we have a member of the leadership team entirely devoted to making sure that all activities and events, as well as the promotion of SMSC values, fit the Ethos and Mission of the school, as expressed through the conduit of its policies, and are a coordinated expression of an enhanced academic curriculum and the complete education of a Renaissance Man. The Head of Complementary Curriculum oversees the quality and delivery of Personal Development initiatives, such as the school leaders, the School Council, Assemblies, Anti-Bullying Week, the school’s charity work, and the Year 8 post-examination curriculum. She is responsible for the coordination, efficacy and organisation of curricular and extra-curricular workshops, the Literary Festival, STEM Week, visiting speakers, Activities and Enrichment, day Outings, residential Trips, and sports tournaments. The work of the Complementary Curriculum and the success of the school are promoted on social media.