Physical Education

In Physical Education (PE), the boys are taught about movement, strategies and tactics, teamwork, problem-solving and health and fitness. All boys are taught by PE specialists who provide a range of enjoyable activities and help them to develop their physical capabilities. A love of sports and exercise is modelled by the teachers and emulated by the boys, who develop their understanding of the different ways they can be physical in life, and how this contributes to a well-balanced lifestyle. When performing skills in game situations, boys are encouraged to analyse the decisions they make and reflect on their own performance, as well as that of their peers, to find ways to improve.

In Pre-Prep, boys have one single PE lesson each week in Haven Green Hall. From Year 3, the weekly double lesson takes place at Castlebar Playing Field.


Boys in Rec-Year 2 are encouraged to engage in movement experiences that promote and support the development of physical and social skills. Throughout the Autumn Term boys work on their general ball skills whilst playing football. During the Spring Term, boys participate in gymnastics-based activities, which focus on spatial awareness and fundamental movement skills. In the Summer Term, boys develop their striking skills playing tennis, and running, jumping and hopping are the focus of an introduction to Athletics.

Junior School

In Junior School, the main focus is on developing co-ordination and motor skills and increasing knowledge about movement. The boys in Years 3-4 develop small ball skills with a focus on throwing and catching in the Autumn Term, furthering their understanding of the flight and bounce of different sized balls. During the Spring Term boys continue to improve their small ball striking skills through playing Hockey. They also develop their understanding of health and fitness to develop the knowledge and attitudes they need in order to maintain and enhance their personal well-being and physical development. Athletics and Tennis are taught in the Summer Term, with emphasis on running, jumping, and throwing in Athletics, and racket familiarisation and ball control in Tennis.

Middle School

In Middle School boys develop their Basketball and Handball skills in the first half of the Autumn Term, followed by Rugby in the second half to prepare for Spring Term trials and fixtures. Once again, health and fitness is a main focus in the second term as well as Hockey, for boys in Years 5-6. Athletics and Tennis are taught in the Summer Term; in Tennis, there is now a greater emphasis on shot selection, serving and the rules of the game.

Upper School

During the Autumn Term in Upper School, Years 7-8 boys evaluate their Basketball and Handball performance and devise strategies to improve it. This is followed by a Rugby module, during which the boys’ technical knowledge of rucking, mauling, passing and kicking is developed to prepare them for Spring Term trials and fixtures. As in previous years, this is followed by further work on the boys’ health and fitness and Hockey, and is rounded off with Athletics and Tennis in the summer. Match play is emphasised to consolidate shot selection, serving and understanding of the rules of the game. At this age, the boys are encouraged at all times to evaluate their own performance and to think critically in order to gain a better understand of the tactics, strategies and techniques required across a range of sporting codes, and in different situations.