Geography and History are taught under the umbrella of Humanities for boys in Pre-Prep and Junior School. All that embraces human culture, both past and present is investigated through a diverse curriculum, which develops the basic tenets and skills of History and Geography. Boys are encouraged to open their minds and discover not just the world today, but also what has gone before. The curriculum is topic based.


Throughout his time in Pre-Prep, a boy takes a ‘virtual’ trip around the world discovering what life is like in countries far and wide. Everywhere, from our local area to the Rainforests of South America, and beyond to Australia, is studied so that a knowledge of the world in which we live is developed and nurtured from a young age. Boys also step back in time to see what life was like in the past. Again they look at a variety of topics including life in a Medieval Castle, The Great Fire of London and the Aztecs. Each topic is brought to life by either an Outing or Workshop to complement what has been learnt in the classroom.

Junior School

Humanities draws on History and Geography. Throughout the topics studied, these are interwoven, so that whilst studying Ancient Egypt in Year 3, the boys learn about its location and climate, in tandem with the construction of pyramids, Egyptian Gods and hieroglyphs. To support classroom learning in Junior School, Outings to the British Museum, Museum of London and Verulamium take place. Workshops are also used to engage and excite the boys, adding much to their understanding of what they have learned. The boys study topics of, Oceans in Year 3 and Rivers in Year 4. To extend the topics of Rivers in Year 4, the boys visit a river, where data is collected and analysed, forming the basis of a project.