The Academic Curriculum

The Academic Curriculum embraces the Arts, the Humanities, the Sciences and Sport. It is broad in its scope and profound in its content, offering each boy the chance to make progress and to succeed. Our curriculum is written and delivered with our clear objective in mind: to engender curiosity, kindling a passion for learning and a delight in discovery.

The important core subjects of English and Mathematics are enhanced and supplemented by the other areas of the curriculum. As boys progress through Durston House, their learning through the academic curriculum becomes more specific, less general. Topic work in Pre-Prep becomes Humanities in Junior School. By Middle and Upper Schools, boys are discovering their past and the physical world around them through the discrete subjects of History and Geography. By Years 7 and 8, general Science study has become a more focused investigation of Biology, Physics and Chemistry. Having explored the ideas and skills of their own language through Pre-Prep, boys in Year 3 begin to apply them in French, and later, in Year 6, in Latin. In Physical Education, all that is learned and practised from the youngest years is given scope to excel and thrill in specific sports of Football, Rugby and Cricket, as well as through ancient disciplines, such as discus, javelin and athletics. The logic, the problem-solving of Mathematics are extended as boys advance, through algebra and advanced geometry. ICT skills for 21st century life and computing skills of programming and coding are developed from their earliest introduction in Year 1, and explored in greater depth year on year. Increasingly, through a boy’s time at Durston, his world, his heritage, his cultural foundation – all that makes him truly human – is understood, grappled with, challenged and expressed through the use of language and the literature of English, through the visual awakening of Art, the concord of Music and the moral compass of Religious Studies and PSHME.