The Curriculum

At Durston House, we ask ourselves two basic questions: What is worth knowing? and What is worth doing?

Our broad, profound education answers these age-old questions, encompassing the best of the National Curriculum, as well as the requirements of the entry examinations to successful, independent Senior Schools. A Durston education seeks to embrace so much more than this, however; we aim to help the pupils to develop into Renaissance Men. We want to encourage Durston boys to be curious, to become ‘thinkers’ and ‘problem solvers’ in the broadest sense, with an open, positive outlook on the world.

Durston House offers a strong, traditional, Academic Curriculum. Parallel to this, is the Complementary Curriculum, areas of co-curricular activity that fall within the broad culture of our specified academic disciplines. Activities that encourage the boys’ personal development, their cultural awareness and their engagement with the world add a positive fillip to the experience of learning, in and beyond the classroom. The knowledge and skills acquired through both strands of the curriculum are the springboards for further curiosity and the realisation of individual potential, here at Durston and in later life.