At Durston House, we believe that it is hugely important to create an educational environment that encourages all pupils to be curious and enthusiastic about their opportunities to learn and grow. At a young age, boys enter Durston full of curiosity, natural energy and enjoyment, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this enthusiasm is not curtailed, but fostered. This is especially so in the highly pressured, educational world of today. Spoon-feeding and exam cramming are two ways to extinguish this natural spark. Hence, we are very mindful of balancing ambition for progress and achievement with a rounded view of the world and an appetite for investigation and open-mindedness.

The curriculum we offer is very broad, deep and rigorous, allowing ample opportunity for boys to question and explore. Independent learning is valued and encouraged by our well-qualified staff, always keen to inspire and engage boys beyond the lesson objective. A particular interest in an idea or a subject is fostered and nurtured by teachers, who themselves are enthusiasts for learning. In essence, here at Durston House, we are all learners, old and young; this positive interaction is supported by small class sizes, where individuality and independence can flourish.

Lessons are delivered in a range of ways, taking account of different learning styles and preferences, and the certainty that boys should explore and experience practically, not just from a textbook. Teachers encourage boys to question, and to appreciate that, often, there may not be one right answer. The development of different ideas and trains of thought are central to a boy’s education. Workshops, Outings, Trips and outdoor adventures complement the classroom experience across all year groups. The longer, residential Trips, taken by Years 4-8, are a wonderful chance to learn about different places, cultures and times, and are very popular with the boys. A broad range of extra-curricular Activities offers further opportunity for each boy to discover new and exciting challenges.

Our job is to educate in its broadest sense and to add to boys’ appreciation that we learn from life, and that life has much to teach us.