Rewards and Sanctions

The character of a boy is shaped and moulded, not just by his successes, but also his failings.

In all that is done at Durston House, the positive is emphasised. Pupils are encouraged to be active participants, to behave appropriately, to work well, to play hard, helping to build up a happy and successful school.

Boys should aspire to succeed and achieve in all they do whilst at school, in all areas of school life. They are rewarded for their efforts in different ways. Acknowledgement and praise are vital boosts to confidence. Stamps, stickers or notes to parents, plus formal recognition through the Plus Points system ‘raise their game’. Boys’ Plus Points contribute to House totals for the term and year; the ultimate accolade is winning the House Shield at Final Assembly, after a competitive term.

A sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps infuses the House System and the gaining of Plus Points. At weekly Assemblies, Final Assemblies, or House Assemblies, boys’ achievements are recognised through the presentation of certificates, medals and trophies, whether won or earned in school or outside. Public approbation is also won at Prize Day, when excellence is acknowledged and awards are made.

There may be times when pupils go beyond the boundaries that have been set for them. They may not meet expectations, in behaviour or work, or in social interaction. In doing so, boys are encouraged to take responsibility for what they have done, or not done, and accept a sanction as a consequence. The Rewards and Sanctions Policy of the school is very clear in setting out the Informal and Formal Sanctions at Durston House. Boys understand that the process for sanctions will be followed if amends are not made.