Pupil Leadership

Durston certainly embraces the true spirit of community – a coming together of all ages, skills and talents throughout nine years of education. Like many schools, there are opportunities for pupils to assume leadership roles. These range from election to the School Council, librarianship, sports captaincy and appointment as a Prefect in Year 8, four of whom are chosen as House Captains.

In fact, the manner in which the four Houses are organised allows each boy in Year 8 to assume a leadership role. In their final year, these boys take up appointment as Vertical Group Leaders, within each of the four Houses.

Boys from all parts of the school – that is, from Reception to Year 8 – meet regularly in these Vertical Groups of about a dozen pupils, under the mentorship of their Vertical Group Leader, and the guidance of a member of staff. They enjoy a variety of activities, from those that might focus on values of SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural) to lunchtime picnic gatherings at Castlebar Field, from quizzes to inter-house competitions.

Vertical Group Leadership assures each senior pupil of an opportunity to be a guiding presence, to manage efficiently, to delegate effectively, and, perhaps more importantly, to consider the needs of others within the House and wider Durston House Community.

We feel that all at Durston have the potential to ‘lead’ in some way; all who have progressed through the school to Year 8 will have been given the opportunity to do so.