All boys, staff and parents are involved in our drive to help others. Each year our energies are channelled into supporting two charities: one local and one further afield. In recent years we have supported causes ranging from The Log Cabin and Haven Green Baptist Church in Ealing, to Mary’s Meals in Africa and FED in Thailand.

Our entire school community proudly recognises that charity work is a vital and important area of school life. By being actively involved in charitable fundraising, we at Durston House come to understand why helping others is important, recognising that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. We discuss and give thought to difficult issues that affect the lives of so many people, in a complicated and unbalanced world; it is imperative that an ethos of philanthropy is encouraged and nurtured. Empathy, selflessness and compassion are key characteristics that boys are never too young to learn.

In school, money is raised through a range of events including Mufti Days, raffles, exit collections at major school occasions, sponsored endeavours and charity fairs. However, it is not just about raising money, and here at Durston we extend our help to others in other ways, such as donating equipment, establishing on-going penfriends, filling harvest boxes as well as giving our time and energy to provide ‘hands-on’ help. On a recent Staff Study Day, the staff helped to regenerate an entire outdoor area at the Log Cabin to make the space usable for the children who benefit from using the centre. The Durston House Parents’ Association also contributes to fundraising through their annual ball and charity auction.

We believe that the more involved the boys are with the fundraising and the more informed they are about the charities, the better. Information on the work of the organisations we support is displayed around the school and shared with the boys through Whole School and House Assemblies. Visits are made to school by charity representatives.

In creating an environment where there is an awareness of others, an openness to the world and a generosity of spirit, the act of giving becomes a natural part of school life and is something we can all be proud of.