Here at Durston House, we recognise the development of character as essential to a full and worthy education of any boy. We are proud of the sort of boys who leave us for Senior School, equipped with character traits that enable them to cope in their new environment, as well as achieve profound success there and, subsequently, in the world beyond. Boys are prepared for Senior School; boys are prepared for life. We take seriously our duty to create an environment where a boy feels comfortable and confident. When he enjoys being at school, he approaches all that we do with a positive spirit.

We proudly promote and exemplify values that some may call ‘traditional’ or ‘British’, but to us are timeless values that have been the cornerstone of human endeavour and progress. These are not just Durston or Christian values, but those held dear by society as a whole and all religions. At Durston House, we make no apology for the active promotion of the virtues of honesty, respect for others, selflessness, compassion and personal responsibility. Our disciplined and caring environment encourages the personal development of such virtues and allows boys of character to flourish.

The development of character is an on-going process, which begins in Pre-Prep, when the boys first learn the expectations and boundaries of school life, and continues throughout a boy’s time at Durston. Pre-Prep staff are the first to help the boys understand about their behaviour and its effects on others, about how to work and how to play. Boys are exposed to the different group relationships that they will continue to experience as they progress through the school: the Form Class, the House, the Pre-Prep, Junior School, Middle and Upper Schools and the Whole School. It is through their relationship to these different groups that boys experience the Pastoral Care that helps them feel secure and promotes their well-being, whilst having contact with, and example from other boys, across all sections of the school. Active participation in school life, the development of personal responsibility, selflessness, sportsmanship and compassion for others are infused through PSHME (Personal, Social, Health, Moral Economic education) lessons, Year 8 Leadership, the School Council, Assemblies, Form Assemblies, House Assemblies and House Vertical Groups, sports teams and healthy competition, and the school’s charity initiatives.