It is true what they say – a healthy body promotes a healthy mind. Sport and fitness are a vital part of the education of any well-rounded boy, and here at Durston these are promoted enthusiastically. We want each boy to leave Durston House skilled in sport, but more importantly, with an interest and passion that he can take with him throughout his life.

Boys are able to experience a wide variety of sports in their time at Durston House. They benefit from the teaching and coaching of three full-time specialist PE teachers during their lessons, and at Games, where the specialists are supported by other teachers and sports assistants. Through structured and planned sporting activities, inter-House competitions, fixtures and other inter-school tournaments, the capability of all boys in respective sports improves year on year.

As a leading Prep School, we proudly offer boys extensive exposure to the traditional sports of Football, Rugby, Cricket and Athletics. Over the course of the year, boys have the opportunity to participate and develop skills in these sports, as well as those in Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Cross Country, Golf, Table Tennis, Archery and Badminton. Not only are boys given the opportunity to develop their skill level, but fitness is promoted and closely monitored each year through the Health Related Fitness course.

All boys are capable of achieving a basic skill level, and complete each year with greater knowledge and ability than the year before, whether that is being able to dribble a ball successfully, rallying for a longer period with a partner, or developing the correct technique when tackling on the Rugby field. Through the varied programme of sports available to a boy, we hope there is always at least one sport that captures his interest and leads him to explore it further, outside school, or when he has left us, at Senior School and beyond.