Sports Day

Throughout the Summer Term, Athletics is a focus in PE and Games sessions. Whether a boy is 5 or 13, he gets to don his running shoes and put his skills to the test. Time is spent training, running, jumping and throwing, in preparation for our annual Sports Day. This is an important occasion in the school calendar, bringing boys, staff and parents together to celebrate the boys’ effort and persistence in displaying their talents.

In June each year, boys in Junior, Middle and Upper School spend Sports Day at Perivale Athletics Track, in inter-House athletics competition, both on the track and in the field. Boys take part in a number of events, which they would have chosen previously. They run in anything from a sprint race to long distance, or compete in anything from the hammer throw to the triple jump. After a break for picnic lunch, finals are held, and the four Houses and a large number of parents cheer on the competition. At the end of the day, the results are tabled and the winning House is announced, to much excitement. Individual winners are awarded their cups or medals at a special assembly the following week. The winning House Captain receives the Sports Day Cup at Prize Day.Though we celebrate success, however,it is not all about those who win, as Sports Day offers every boy the opportunity to participate, to try his hardest at something that might be new to him, putting his temperament and skills to the test. Generous applause is given to every competitor on Sports Day.

Not to be outdone, Pre-Prep boys have their own Sports afternoon. This takes place at Castlebar Field and again boys compete in their Houses in a carousel of multi-sports, everything from high jump to hurdles, all specially tailored for boys of Pre-Prep age. Encouragement is provided by cheering parents and boys are rewarded for their endeavours.

Here at Durston, we believe that the best way to nurture our Olympic hopefuls is through positive encouragement and motivation and both of these occasions engender these. As the whole school community comes together, once again, Durston boys are able to flourish, within their capabilities.