Resources and Facilities

It is a priority for the school, within the confines of urban London, to provide the best quality resources it can, so that each boy has the greatest chance to flourish. Boys are able to achieve great things at Durston House, owing to appropriate and well-maintained facilities.

The teacher-pupil ratio is high, with a large, talented staff made available to the boys; many are greatly experienced, whilst others bring more youthful creativity to the teaching of the boys and learning at Durston House. Subject specialism is made possible by this extensive and varied staff, and is a feature of Durston, from as young as Reception age. Teachers draw on their passion for a subject and use their particular knowledge and skills to bring it alive, ensuring a depth of learning. From Year 5, all lessons are taught by subject specialists. In earlier years, boys have access to such teachers in Art, Music, PE, French and RS.

Durston House benefits from having four sites in and around Castlebar Road, just a few minutes from the centre of Ealing. Three sites house the Pre-Prep, Junior School and Middle/Upper Schools, each of which has rooms to accommodate our small class sizes, plus libraries, Music rooms and staffrooms. In Middle/Upper Schools, Science labs and specialist ICT and Art rooms add to the learning opportunities. Close by is Castlebar Field, where a large outdoor space, comprising a pavilion, football pitches, floodlit tennis courts and other play areas, enables PE, Games, After-School Activities, outdoor learning, and break times to take place. Our second outdoor space, Swyncombe Playing Field, is a ten-minute coach journey away, and is used for Games, fixtures against other schools, as well as our own sports tournaments throughout the year.

High quality ICT resources, in each building, equip staff to provide excellent teaching and learning experiences. All classrooms are fitted with Interactive Whiteboards, allowing the latest technology to bring subjects alive, to create interactive learning and to store resources. The Art Room at Middle/Upper Schools is kitted out with new PCs and the most up-to-date software, so that digital design can expand the artistic skills of the boys.

The three libraries at Durston enable the literary life of school to be furthered. Our newly refurbished libraries include a range of fiction texts, non-fiction texts and research materials. The school promotes reading through the Accelerated Reader Programme, which finds its hub inthe libraries, and is used by boys to develop their reading in a systematic way. Boys have access to the library at different times throughout the school day. A School Librarian, assisted by Year 8 Librarians, assists boys and oversees the smooth running of each facility.