Fixtures and Sports Tournaments

Competition is healthy! The boys at Durston love to be challenged in all areas of school life, by each other, by their teachers and by boys from other schools.

Durston House thrives on competition, and gladly participates in team and individual sports fixtures against other boys’ Prep Schools, as well as multi-school tournaments, as hosts or visitors. Also, we run a lively inter-House tournament each term. We are justifiably proud of our success in these fixtures and tournaments, in Football, Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Cross Country and Cricket.

Fixtures are played by boys throughout the school, from Year 3-8. Boys travel to other schools, or are hosts at one of our two sets of playing fields, during Games time. Each year we play host to extremely successful six a-side Football and Rugby 9’s and 7’s Tournaments for boys in each of Years 6-8. They are attended by schools in and around the London area. The events take place at our larger sports venue, Swyncombe Playing Fields.

As well, we accept invitations to play in tournaments hosted by other schools. House Tournaments take place each term in Football, Rugby or Cricket, and once a year in Cross-Country. All results contribute to the House Shield at the end of term.

The tenacity with which boys compete in these tournaments is testimony to their love for and allegiance to their respective Houses. Win, lose or draw, much is gained from the experience of playing in a sports tournament against boys of the same age. A boy can learn from the competition, often developing his talent further; fixtures and tournaments can enhance the capability of each boy taking part.

All boys have the chance to experience sport in a competitive setting. We learn by doing…and boys at Durston House have many opportunities to do just that throughout their time at school!