“If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Durston House instils in its pupils a belief and determination to achieve in all areas of school life, encouraging every boy to take part and ‘have a go’. We are a successful school, confident that the education we provide is of quality and that senior school entry is our strength. This confidence is everywhere at Durston House, underpinning a happy, positive environment in which boys can flourish. No two pupils are the same, and each has his own skill set, attributes and strengths, yet everyone is given a level playing field to showcase his talent and prove to himself and others that he is capable.

The boys are encouraged to believe in themselves, from the very beginning, and are helped to explore all areas of school life, in and outside the curriculum. Boys have an adventurous streak, which sees them engage in their classroom learning and participate in a great range of events and activities, many of which they may not have considered to be for them. With motivation, exploration and hard work, boys discover hidden talents and passions that they can pursue.

For capability to be nurtured, there must be opportunity, and here at Durston House, opportunity knocks on each boy’s door. It is a question of whether or not he chooses to open it and welcome the challenge! Boys are fortunate to be exposed to a wide variety of subjects, sports, artistic endeavours and activities that give voice to their capability. They are also exposed to a highly-skilled and well-qualified Durston House Staff, that ensures all opportunities and experiences are delivered with purpose and integrity. The Staff encourages self-belief and perseverance through any challenges, showing the boys that resolve and determination will see all efforts rewarded, and ultimately, capability enhanced.

In addition, boys at Durston House are secure and happy. From this solid base, they are given the confidence to try new things. Often, a first fifteen rugby player will be seen leading his House, playing in the guitar ensemble whilst learning his script for the Year 8 Production. Furthermore, the academic capability amongst the boys at Durston can be identified through the fine results many boys achieve in exams and assessments throughout the year, and ultimately in their Entrance Examinations for Senior Schools.