New Parents Information

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Boys Entering Reception September 2022


At the time of registration, parents are given the option to secure their son’s place at the school on payment of the acceptance fee of £1,800. In the Autumn Term of the year prior to joining Durston House, remaining places, up to the maximum of 48 in the year group, will be offered, in order of registration. Further information can be found in the Admissions Policy.

‘Welcome to Durston’ Afternoon

The ‘Welcome to Durston’ afternoon for Reception takes place during May. New boys meet the Reception Teachers and Teaching Assistants, giving the staff an opportunity to make an informal assessment of them. Staff can ascertain something of the capabilities of each boy, allowing them to assign a balance of boys to the three Reception Form Classes. This is supplemented by a reference from the Nursery School.

Invitations to the ‘Welcome to Durston’ afternoon are posted to parents after the Easter Holidays, giving details of time and place.

New Parents Meeting

A New Parents Meeting takes place in June. It is a chance to meet the Head of Reception and the EYFS staff, who provide comprehensive information for the start of a boy’s time at Durston.

Boys Entering Year 1-8 September 2021-22


Assessments will be held in November 2020. Boys are assessed in Mathematics and English. The purpose of the assessment is to make sure that the boys who join are likely to thrive in a mixed-ability school with high academic standards. This is supplemented by a reference from his current school.


Offers of places will be made subject to available places and the results of the assessment. Further information can be found in the Admissions Policy.

New Parents and Boys Meeting

A New Parents and Boys Meeting takes place towards the end of the Summer Term. It is an opportunity to meet particular staff and get a taste of what it is like to be at Durston. Whilst staff talk to parents, the boys are given a tour of the school and are assigned to one or two lessons of their respective year groups. Parents receive comprehensive information for a boy’s start, including curriculum and general information, as well as advice about any preparatory work for those entering Middle or Upper School which would need to be done over the Summer Holidays. A New Parents Pack is handed out at this time.

Admissions Policy

Assessment Procedures