COVID-19 Information

Return to School March 2021

All boys will be brought back into school over two days, Monday 8 March and Tuesday 9 March. Those in Years Rec-6 will return on Monday 8 March, at the usual time and place. After entry to school, Form Time and Assembly, they will lead a normal day, according to the timetable. Owing to COVID-19 testing requirements, Year 8 will return on Monday 8 and Year 7 on Tuesday 9 March. Boys who may be abroad, or are absent for COVID-19 related reasons, will be able to follow the timetable and join their classmates on Zoom, through the VLE.

The pattern of school life will remain similar to that in the Autumn Term. Specific information for your son’s year group can be found in the General Information Booklets below. The daily schedule and timetable for each section of the school (pod) will take account of staggered arrival and departure times; compulsory hand washing on entering and leaving all school premises; staggered leave and return for break times; and ‘easy-flow systems’ for moving about the buildings. Hand washing, social distancing in and outside teaching space, and respiratory hygiene will continue, for all boys and staff. Face coverings will be required for those in Middle and Upper Schools. Generally, equipment and stationery will not be shared, but where it is a necessity, these will be cleaned between uses.

To avoid inter-pod mixing, and to lessen intra-pod contact, larger gatherings at school will not occur. There will be no physical Assemblies, House Assemblies, Vertical Group Meetings, Music groups (Choirs, Orchestra, Ensembles), Staff Meetings or Activities. Some of these may take place via Zoom, in varying forms, or be offered as tasks on the VLE. Boys will be informed about the arrangements and expectations, at an Assembly next Thursday 4 March (on Zoom) and these will be reiterated in subsequent Form Time and as the days progress. We ask that parents make sure boys arrive at school on time. Punctuality, according to the staggered entry times, is vital if year groups are to be sufficiently distanced and hand washing requirements completed without interruption to the start of the school day. On arrival, boys will no longer need to have temperature checks, but will be supervised at the hand washing stations, before entering the buildings. At the end of the day, it is essential that parents are there, on time, to collect boys. Boys will be sent to parents once identified and should make their way home as quickly as possible. At the beginning and end of the day, we ask that you wear face masks yourselves and that you do not congregate in groups, to maintain safety and distancing. Please note that it is not possible for you to enter the school premises. There will be no Early Birds provision in Pre-Prep, but After-School Care will operate in all sections of the school, until 6.00pm.

We anticipate that the return to school will mean considerable adjustment for the boys and that their re-engagement with on-site learning could prove difficult. Therefore, to ease their transition back to school, it has been decided that there will be no prep, until the end of the term, although daily reading should still be done by boys. As an alternative activity, Mrs Green will be posting on the VLE a daily ‘Do-it-at-Home’ Task that boys can choose to complete.

All boys should attend in full school uniform. When PE lessons are scheduled, boys should come dressed in that particular kit, with their normal uniform packed, in case of inclement weather. The same applies to Games days, but spare uniform will not be necessary.

Given the need for twice-weekly, staff testing, and the limited number of available teaching days before the end of term, there will be no instrumental music lessons in school, taught by Visiting Music Teachers (VMTs). We hope to accommodate individual, instrumental lessons in the Summer Term.

Some of you may want to understand better the action taken by the school to implement control measures: to lessen risk, to try to prevent infection, to reduce contact between year groups, between boys and staff, and between visitors and the school. You can find the full Risk Assessment posted on the school’s website here or you can download the file below.

We look forward to some degree of normality that the return to school will bring and seek your support in helping us avoid any transmission of the virus.

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