Capacity in Year 1

At Durston we have embraced a ‘Mastery in Maths’ approach to teaching.This method for teaching Mathematics has strong emphasis on every boy making progress in every lesson. This is achieved by keeping a class together until specific concepts or skills are mastered before moving on.This scheme provides a high level of challenge for all boys as differentiation is achieved through deeper understanding and development of problem-solving skills.

During their time with us in Pre-Prep, boys will be introduced to and develop strategies in a range of Mathematical areas including an understanding of number, addition, subtraction, shape, measurement, time, money, multiplication, division and fractions. The scheme is taught as a spiral curriculum, where each area is taught each year, extending and developing the boy’s strategies, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

This term, Year 1 have spent time extending their knowledge of capacity. They have made use of Durston’s outdoor space to investigate the volume of containers, using cups to discover how many ‘units’ a range of containers will hold. This gives them the opportunity to experiment using rich vocabulary, build collaboration skills and most importantly have fun whilst learning!