An Afternoon with Carl Fearns

On the afternoon of Thursday 4th March, Durston House hosted professional Rugby Union back row forward Carl Fearns, for a live Zoom question and answer session. A large number of boys and staff were in attendance and heard what it was like to play Rugby for a living.

Carl spoke to us about his sporting journey from starting to play Rugby at the early age of 11 at boarding school, to playing for some of the most successful Rugby Union teams in both England and France. Carl has represented Bath and Sale in England, and currently plays for French team Rouen, having also played for Lyon when he moved across the English Channel in 2015.

Throughout his career, Carl experienced many different injuries, including two that required him to receive knee reconstructions. One of these he experienced at just 17 years old. Carl explained to us that these were incredibly difficult to recover from both mentally and physically and that he was helped by a Sport Psychologist to do so. He was also keen to share with the boys his experiences and the benefits he gained from moving his life to France. During his first years there, he had to learn a new way of life, a new language and a new way to play Rugby.

The Durston House boys posed Carl some extremely impressive and intelligent questions, which explored different aspects of his playing career. It was clear that some boys had also done their research, as they asked about various events in his life and accolades he received such as being part of the “Sky Sports Team of the Week” in 2016.

Carl’s parting message to the boys emphasised that it was extremely important in life to follow your passions and your dreams, wherever they may take you. He also said that it was important to have fun and to make sure you enjoy everything that you do. We thank Carl for an extremely impressive and interesting afternoon.