Health and Wellbeing in Games

As Durston House has moved back to Home Learning this Term, the PE department have decided to take the curriculum in a different direction than before. This term, we will be focusing on the mental wellbeing of the boys, as well as their physical fitness, as this has become even more important during lockdown. During our first week, many boys joined the PE teachers for some live streamed yoga lessons via Zoom. Following the success and enjoyment of these sessions, yoga will be built into the curriculum for the foreseeable future. It has proved practical with the limited space available to those at home, and it has been reported that many boys have already experienced benefits from taking part.

Yoga lessons have been taking place during the usual allotted time for Games, in the afternoons for Years 1-8. Yoga has been combined with the gymnastics curriculum for Reception on Thursday mornings. All boys who have attended have said that they have enjoy participating in the yoga as it is a break from their academic lessons and a good way to rid themselves of the stress and frustration brought about by lockdown. We hope more boys will be encouraged to participate in these yoga Games lessons, as they will provide mental health benefits that no other subject offers.