Aborginal Workshop

Some traditional items from the Aboriginal Workshop including bowls and materials

In Year 1, we have a brilliant Aboriginal workshop to complement our ‘Australian’ topic in Humanities. During our workshop our guest shows the boys us a map of all the different Australian Aboriginal people groups. He talks about many different styles of art belonging to different people groups/ indigenous tribes. One of these art styles is ‘dot paintings’. During the workshop, we have the pleasure of painting our own boomerangs using the dot painting technique.

The boys are shown a spear, different types of boomerangs which exist as they are made in different tribes and designed to kill different animals. We are also show an extensive range of traditional and modern didgeridoos. Our visitor plays the different didgeridoos to demonstrate their different sounds. He also played traditional ‘claves’ and a ‘thunder maker’. The boys hear him use different animal sounds while playing and dance with some traditional animal moves while the different sounds are playing.

The boys also play their own didgeridoos and learn the technique of blowing and making sound.

A Durston House pupil holding an Aborginal boomerang

At the end of the day, the boys throw boomerangs to see if they really do come back… and for some people they do!

It is a very enjoyable and educational day learning about a completely different and ancient culture.